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Potjiekos Team Building Johannesburg

Potjiekos Team Building Johannesburg

Potjiekos Team Building Johannesburg ZooPotjiekos Team Building Johannesburg at the Johannesburg Zoo is a popular team building venue near the Johannesburg CBD.


Our Potjiekos Venue at the Johannesburg is the Old Elephant House. The Old Elephant House at the Johannesburg Zoo has a big private area, private toilets, small kitchen, and a conference area.


More MasterChef Cook Off team building activities in Johannesburg include our Cook Off Sandton with a Spit Braai. Also try our Potjiekos Competition at Gold Reef City.

MasterChef Potjiekos Competition Team Building at the Johannesburg Zoo

Team Building Quotes for our Potjiekos Competition is inclusive of parking, entrance, arrival coffee, refreshments, lunch, and all team building activities. Popular team building activities at the Johannebsurg Zoo include our Amazing Race, Survivor Team Building, and Escape Room Games.


09h00 - Quick Breakfast and Coffee at Stages Restaurant

1 Egg, 2 rashers bacon, spicy beans, skinny fries & toast. Fruit, yogurt & muesli for Vegan and Halal, or order from the Stages Menu. Ice Breakers and Funny Group Activities. We will divide everybody in ±10 people per team.


09h30 Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities


10h00 Survivor Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Teams have to race from “one island to the next island”, and without feet touching the “water”. This is a race against the whistle, and teams get points for each person that landed on an “island”. This event is soaked with adrenaline – however, the obstacle course is only 50 meters long.


  • Carpet Race – teams have to jump forward in synch to propel to the next “island”.
  • Plank Race – everybody have to walk in sync to the next “island”
  • Sack Race – try and get as many people across at once
  • Bubble Wrap – teams climb in a huge conveyer belt made from Bubble Wrap, and have to walk in sync to the next “island”.
  • Island Hopping – each team only get a few carpets, and must walk across by stepping only on the carpets. Meaning, the last person in the que must always pass the last carpet to the front to keep the motion going to the finish line.



11h00 Refreshment Break

Fruit Juices (200ml), Bottled Water, and Assorted Sandwiched (individually wrapped), including Chick Mayo, Cheese & Tom, etc.


11h00 Potjiekos Competition Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Each team receives a Mystery Box. Not all the boxes have the same ingredients in. Teams have to swop or trade ingredients with other teams. Ingredients include oil, veggies, herbs, and spices.


  • Potjies - No 3 potjies (serves 12 pax), gas bottles and gas
  • New Cooking Utensils - new disposable utensils (halaal), veggie knives, spoons, cutting boards, mixing bowls, mop caps, chef hats, aprons, gloves
  • Chicken, and Lamb (beef on request), all meat from Laudium halaal Butchery 082 308 4339, ask for receipt. We regret, no pork

13h00 Potjie Lunch & Soft Drinks

Potjies are served with Pap & Gravy, and six Assorted Salads. Halaal, Vegan, and Vegetarian Meals are included. Quality plastic chrome cutlery and crockery for halaal. We regret, Kosher Meals are an optional extra. Bring own Alcoholic Beverages.


14h00 Depart at Leisure

Bring own alcoholic beverages. The zoo is closing at 17h00


MasterChef Potjiekos Competition Team Building at the Johannesburg Zoo

The Potjiekos Competition at Johannesburg Zoo is a very popular team building activity for larger groups near the Johannesburg CBD. Our Potjiekos Competition is halaal. We only use new braai utensils and halaal meat from the Laudium Halaal Butchery or the Forsmay Muslim Butchery in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. MasterChef Potjiekos Competition Team Building at the Old Elephant House at the Johannesburg Zoo is a popular team building event near the city.