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Team Building Activities

Gautrain Amazing Race

Travel with the Gautrain, busses and taxis with detours from the Johannesburg Zoo to the Pretoria Zoo with various Pit Stops at Sandton, Rosebank, Nelson Mandela Bridge …

The Best of 2013

This event is a compilation of the best activities we had in 2012;


Green Screen Movie Making (±25 minutes)

Laughter guaranteed. Teams performs short acts in front of a green screen and without knowing why. The edited video is then shown at the end of the team building.


Kung Fu Yoga (±25 minutes)

The outcome of this event is to produce a corporate video that demonstrates the ultimate co-ordination and team work of a company.


Bush Golf (±25 minutes)

Golf is not always a gentleman's sport. Teams compete with oversized golf plastic balls and wedges. Everybody can play. The maximum drive with these balls are ten meters.


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Corporate Fun Day

Corporate Fun Day Team Building (±3 hours)

Employees are treated at random groups and spoiled with foot messages, braais, music, soccer with a giant ball, Laser Sport (Clay Pigeon Shooting), Bush Golf, Kung Fu Yoga, Gumboot Dancing etc. The event is video graphed and the DVD can be shown at the end of the day.

Potjiekos and Zulu dancing

Potjiekos, Boeresport and Zulu Dancing

Teams have to cook their own potjiekos with beef, chicken or lamb (halal). During the wait, teams are challenged with traditional games like bokdrolspoeg, hangballas, sack race, five legged races etc. The event is video graphed and shown at the end - laughter guaranteed.

Family Sports Day

Family Sports Day Team Building (±3 hours)

Families join forces in less-physical activities. Activities include Ice Breakers, Giant Soccer Balls, Volley Ball, Bharti (Dodge Ball), Sack Race, Five legged Race, Cross the River on a Magic Carpet, Hula Hoop Race, Plank Race etc. After each event, the winning team would win a ticket. The team with the most tickets, win a DVD of the day's events. That DVD is shown immediately after the event.

Mini Amazing Race

Teams have to "cross a river" from A to B for example a carpet. One team member would need to go back to fetch more team members. This repeated with sacks, ankle-rubbers, brooms etc

Bollywood Dancing

Teams are challenged to synchronize without music. The video footage is then super-imposed with Bollywood music...hanging the light bulb, doing the washing....and African dancing


Teams learn quickly to synchronize to get the right beat.

Thinking Games

Sudoku - Arrange the letters 1 to 9 horizontally, diagonally and vertically to add to 15,. Arrange 13 letters to spell a word. Suspend 9 nails on one. The square route off, multiplied by, deduct the number of states in the USA.

Minute to Win It (in and outdoors)

Teams rotate with 60 second challenges with household goods. For example, balancing 3 golf balls or wrapping toilet paper around each other without breaking it.

Laser Sport

Teams shoot flying saucers with laser guns (clay-pigeon shooting). New - teams shoot the other team running across and picking up gold bars.

Kitchen Orchestra

Teams have to compose a symphony with household goods and garage tools.

Hoola Hoop Race

Race by jumping in, around-the head and out of a hoola hoop (not too physical)

Kung Fu Yoga

Video event. Express yourself. Nobody is free who fears anything. One person with the right attitude can change the entire company.

Typical Itinerary

08h30 Arrival coffee and snacks (i.e. coffee, muffins, yoghurt)

 Ice Breakers. Laugher guaranteed in 30 seconds. I.e., while standing in a circle, each delegate have to pull the ugliest face ….and many more. Watch these videos at the end of the day.

09h30 Green Screen Movie Making (totally hilarious)
10h15 The Best of Amazing Race Detours and Pit Stops (low physical for all ages)
11h00 Tea Break, soft drinks and Boerewors Rolls
11h15 Flinstone Olympics
12h15 The Best of Survivor (low physical for all ages)
13h00 Lunch - buffet, sheep on the spit buffet braai
14h00 Minute to win It
15h00 Watch Green Screen Video
  Laughter is guaranteed







Show and tell. Teams must pick items from a sealed box and tell a story. This story is video graphed and played at the end - hilarious!!

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Team Building (±1½ hours)

The Amazing is a popular TV series with many obstacles and detours, similar is this event vide graphed and edited with the Amazing Race theme. Teams get a number of Amazing race cards that they must go and hide. Then they have to draw a map that indicate where these hidden Amazing Raced are. Teams are then challenged to look for these cards, and if they are clueless, they must perform a detour for a clue. Each clue has a direction, a distance and landmark. The video is shown after the event.


Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Team Building (±2 hours)

Murder Mystery is usually presented during dinner, but it can be done anytime. Delegates are assigned with characters and have to dress accordingly at the prop table - dresses, jackets, glasses, makeup, jewellery etc. The game if full of riddles to reveal the murderer at each table. The event is video graphed and shown at the end of the show.

Flintstone Olympics

This team building activity in Johannesburg has low physical requirements and is fit for all ages. Teams compete in javelin (aiming for rubber chickens), shot-put (throwing the chickens), hammer throw, bush golf, bharti, giant soccer and many more.



Drumming Team Building (±45 minutes)

The event is video graphed. Individual teams learn and compete for the ultimate rhythm, finally all the teams would drum in sync. Eventually one person in the circle would start a beat, and the rest would follow with their own rhythms. the outcome is mesmerizing.

Prank Calls

A Tribute to Wackhead Simpson. kSmart make prank calls to your department prior to the event. The recordings are then played after the team building event.


A traditional African game similar to dodge ball.

Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It Team Building (±2 hours)

Minute to Win It is an award winning TV show where contestants are faced with 59 second challenges using household goods. In our game, everybody is involved and may require a bit more than a minute for certain activities. Activities include balancing ten nail on one, hula-hoop down, singing random songs, quiz, pulling faces etc. The event is video graphed and shown at the end.


Tribal Survivor Team Building (±1½ hours)

Survivor is a popular TV series, similar is this event video graphed and edited with images of the TV series. The event start with War-Cries. Teams would then set camp with a roof, fireplace and toilet. The next scene is "after 30" days when contestants look rugged - they are given make-up. Gossip, strategies and plans are video graphed with the Survivor Theme - hilarious! Then the teams are challenges with obstacles to win the immunity idol during Tribal Counsel. The video is shown after the event.

Flintstone's Olympics

Javelin with broom sticks, shot put with jelly-chickens, 5-legged race, plank race, bush golf...

Bush Golf

Teams play golf with an over-sized golf ball.

Murder Mystery Dinners

Each delegate is given a character and he/she must go to the props table and dress accordingly. One of the characters is a murdered and the others must interrogate to find the murderer.

Giant Soccer

The ball is not quite so fast, but the rules stay the same.

Blindfolded Minefield

One person must cross a field blindfolded while the rest of the entire team must guide him/her were to go from outside the field.


A ring is attached with ten long ropes. The ropes are tighten by pulling it in all directions. A ball is placed in the centre ring and the team must get it to point B by keeping the ropes tight.

Potjiekos Competion and Zulu Dancing

Start with hilarious Ice Breakers. While teams wait for the potjie to cook, the compete in Zulu Dancing and other traditional African Events (halal friendly, 3 meats, veg, spices, salads, focacia, 2 soft drinks)

Green Screen Movie Making

Green Screen Movie making Team Building (±45 minutes)

Delegates do silly things in front of a green screen without knowing why. The footage is then superimposed in the Amazing Race, Survivor and America's got Talent etc. We have many themes available. The video is shown at the closing of the team building.

Indiana Jones

Teams members take turns to look at a concealed puzzle in a race to build a structure.

Spider's Web

Teams have to lift and sent a members trough a giant spiders web without touching the web. This can be done!

Ice Breakers

Start your event with  Ice Breakers (±15 minutes)

All team buildings start with ice breakers. The group would stand in a circle and do hilarious interactive events. Here are just some of our most popular and daring ice-breakers;


(1) Hula Hoops - the group stand in a circle, hold hands and pass a hula hoop around without letting go. Then more hulas are added to the circle from the other direction. Someone would need to pass a few hulas without letting go.

(2) Surviving Johannesburg - in a circle, individuals have to draw like in the Wild West - "bang-bang!". Eventually the sole survivor is proclaimed King of Johannesburg.

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Team Building Video

Show your Team Building Video at the End of the Day

The video footage is edited, super-imposed and shown at the end of the day. The video consist of short clips and are from inspiration to hilarious making your team building lasting.

Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot Dancing Team Building (±45 minutes)

Gumboot dancing is recommended to go with drumming. This is a powerful group event to learn traditional gumboot dancing. The individual teams would go their way and compete. The show finishes where the entire group perform in front of a video camera.


Blindfolded Dodge Ball

One member is blindfolded and must be guided by his team member to hit the other team in the circle.


A teams must select secretly their bet - rocks, succours or papers. Then two teams align across each other, about a meter away. After rocks, succours or paper, the winning team must catch the loosing team before they get to the safe house.

Wacky Wet & Wild

Teams have to convey water with perforated pipe and fill a bucket of water on the other side. Sometimes this exercise seems endless, although it only last a few minutes.

Magic Carpet

Teams have to wiggle "across a river" on a carpet without feet touching the grass.

Hoola hoop Down

Delegates' surround a hoola hoop with fingers pointing horizontally. With all the fingers touching, the team must get the hoola down to the ground. The tendency is to go up until

Green Screen Movie Making

Teams do silly 12 second acting in front of a green screen. The footage is then super-imposed with various backgrounds (America's got Talent etc). The video is shown at the end of the day - laughter is guaranteed. Afraid of video...wear some of our props and wigs.

Vodacom vs MTN

Each team is handed a cell phone and a text message that they have to SMS to the other team. Each member types only one word. The first team to SMS the right message, is the winning team

We Kill the World (by Bony M)

This is the most inspiring music video production. Teams are given the lyrics of this popular hit (more songs are available). They get time to rehearse and perform this song with a recording microphone. The video is edited with all the drama-images and shown at the end - goose bums!!!!

Dividing Teams

Diving the Group into Teams (±3 minutes)

Each member in the circle is given a number, for example 1, 2, 3, 4. All the number ones would be in one team, all the number two's would be in one team and so on. Teams must then come up with a war cry.


Teams have to rush to newspapers laying on the grass while the drums play. After each session, one of the newspapers are taken away…until we have one winner

Vegas Black Jack

Teams have to decide on heads or tails. Teams then have to flick a coin, the team with the most coins wins. Loosers can win their money back with Black Jack

Amazing Race Heroes

Improvise and use your cell to take pics of the entire team with various people & places (i.e. Angelina Jolie, Julius Malema, Cinderella, Tarzan etc). Props are available. The team with the most pics wins